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Disputed Inheritance Cases


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  Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, brother of Edward Bowen
  By Sir Henry Stewart Cunningham, K.C.I.E. (London, 1897) - OL - Charles Bowen, Baron Bowen, judge, in: Wikipedia

* BLACK, SULLIVAN: Essays and Speeches of Jeremiah S(ullivan) Black

   with a biographical sketch; Judge Black's ancestors were Scotch-Irish and German; the Blacks came from Ireland; his mother was Mary Sullivan whose father was Patrick Sullivan, b. Ireland, 1754
   By Chauncey F. Black (New York, 1885) - OL - Jeremiah S. Black 24th U.S. Attorney General in: Find A Grave - WikipediaHis father Henry Black (Representative) in: Find A Grave - WikipediaHis son Chauncey Forward Black, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania in: Wikipedia

* BURROWES: Select Speeches of the late Peter Burrowes, Esq., K.C.

   at the Bar and in Parliament
   By Waldron Burrowes, Esq., A.B. (Dublin, 1850) - IA - Waldron Burrowes in: Wikipedia

* COSTIGAN: John Costigan

   (in French) Canadian judge and politician; son of Irish immigrants John Costigan and Bridget Dunn; from the series Les Hommes du Jour 
   By W. O. Farmer (Montreal, 1893) - OL - John Costigan in: Wikipedia

* CURRAN: Reminiscences of John Adye Curran, K.C.

   Late County Court Judge and Chairman of Quarter Sessions
   By J. A. Curran (London, 1915) - OL

* DUNNE: Dunne - Judge, Mayor, Governor

   Mayor of Chicago, Governor of Illinois
   By William L. Sullivan (Chicago, 1916) - OL - Edward Fitzsimmons Dunne in: Find A Grave Wikipedia

* LEFROY: Memoir of Chief Justice Lefroy

   Irish-Huguenot politician, judge, M.P.; said to be the model for 'Mr. Darcy' in Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'
   By his son Thomas Lefroy, M.A., Q.C. (Dublin, 1871) - OL - Thomas Langlois Lefroy in: Find A Grave Wikipedia

   - Thomas Mellon and His Times
     1. Family History; 2. Autobiography; entrepreneur, lawer, judge, founder of 'Mellon Bank'; b. Casteltown, Co. Tyrone, 1813
     By Thomas Mellon (printed for his family and descendants exclusively, Pittsburgh, 1885, reprint New York, 1969) - Borrow this book from OL
   - The Mellons of Pittsburg
     By Frank R. Denton (New York, 1948) - Borrow this book from OL - Thomas (Alexander) Mellon in: WikipediaHis son Andrew William Mellon in: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation - Find A GraveThe Mellon Centre for Migration Studies - website

* Men-At-The-Bar

   A Biographical Hand-List; scattered Irish references
   By Joseph Foster (London, 2nd ed. 1885) - OL

* NOLAN: The Barrister
   being anecdotes of the late Tom Nolan of the New York bar; b. Shannagolden, Co. Limerick, his father being High Sheriff of the county; said to have been expatriated because of his activity in the Fenian movement
   By Charles Frederick Stanbury (New York, 1902) - OL

* O'BRIEN: The Reminiscences of the Right Hon. Lord O'Brien
   Lord Chief Justice of Ireland
   Edited by his daughter Hon. Georgina O'Brien (1916) - IA

Sketches of the Irish Bar Vol I

   including Memoir of Richard Lalor SheilDaniel O'ConnellLord Plunket, Chief Justice Bushe; Atorney-General Saurin; Chief-Baron Joy; Chief-Justice Lefroy; Mr. Sergeant Goold; Mr. North; Mr. Wallace; Chief Justice Doherty
Vol II
   Lord NorburySir Michael O'Loughlin; Lord-Chancellor Blackburne; Lord-Chancellor MannersArchibald Hamilton RowanJohn Leslie Foster; Lord Chancellor Brougham
   By the Rt. Hon. Richard Lalor Sheil, M.P. (New York, 1858) - OL

The Sons of the Emerald Isle
   or Lives of One Thousand Remarkable Irishmen, including:
   - Judge Louis Perrin, King's Bench, Ireland
   - Judge Philip Cecil Crampton, justice of the Court of Queen's Bench, Ireland
   By William L. Mackenzie (New York, 1844) - IA

The Speeches of Charles Phillips, Esq.

   Delivered at the Bar, and on Various Public Occasions in Ireland and England
   Edited by Himself (London, 1822) - OL

Speeches of John Philpot Curran, Esq.

   on the following very interesting trials...; to which is added, Henry Grattan, Esq's celebrated speech on the Catholic Question
   Printed by Stockdale (Dublin, 1805) - OL

* SULLIVAN: Speeches and Addresses 1859 - 1881

   in Parliament, on the Platform, and at the Bar
   By A. M. Sullivan (Dublin, 1882) - IA

* SULLIVAN: A Memoir of Algernon Sydney Sullivan

   (New York Lawyer) together with Memorial Tributes; descendant of Thomas Lyttleton Sullivan from Charleville, Co. Cork
   By his son George H. Sullivan (New York, 1890) - OL - Algernon Sydney Sullivan in: WikipediaHis father Jeremiah Sullivan, Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court in: WikipediaHis brother Jeremiah Cutler Sullivan, Lawyer, Brigadier-General in: Find A Grave - WikipediaHis brother Thomas Crook Sullivan, Brigadier-General in: Find A Grave - WikipediaAlgernon Sydney Sullivan Award in: WikipediaSullivan and Cromwell (international law firm) in: Wikipedia

Disputed Inheritance Cases
Includes Peerage claims
For Wills and Deeds see Other Resources - Vital Records
* ANNESLEY: The Annesley Case
   Four trials in 1742-1745 connected with the claim of James Annesley to be the legitimate son and heir of Arthur Lord Altham as against his uncle Richard de facto Earl of Anglesea
   Edited by Andrew Lang (Edinburgh, London, 1912) - IA

* ARMSTRONG: Armstrong v. Armstrong
   1717, 1738, 1751, 1762; Prerogative Cause Papers in Records Office, Dublin
   Irish Emigration Database

* AYLMER: Case of Udolphus Lord Aylmer, Baron de Balrath on his Claim to Vote at the Election of Representative Peers for Ireland
   House of Lords
   Edward Walmisley, Solicitor and Parliamentary Agent (London, 1859) - GB

* BRADSHAW: Cavendish v. Knox
   - Estate of Richard Bradshaw, 1790 in: Pedigree Register Vol III [p. 173]

* BUTLER: Case of Rt. Hon. Theobald Fitzwalter Butler on his claim to the Title and Dignity of Baron of Dunboyne
   In the Peerage of Ireland. House of Lords
   In the Peerage of Ireland. House of Lords
   Edward Walmisley, Solicitor and Parliamentary Agent (London, 1856-7) - GB

* COLCLOUGH: Colclough v. Colclough (Wexford Assizes)
   Attempt of Patrick Sarsfield Colclough to prove ownership of property and heir to the title of Sir Vesey Colclough, Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford
   (Dublin, 1863) - IA - See also 'The Colcloughs of Burslem' cousins of the Tintern Abbey Colcloughs - first mentioned p. 71 and following chapter in 'A History of the Wedgwood Family' by Josiah C. Wedgwood, M.P. (London, 1908) - IA

* CROMELIN: Cramer v. Steward
   - Will of Alexander Cromelin of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, 1735 in: Pedigree Register [p. 155] - FHB

* DILLON: The Roscommon Claim of Peerage
   before the Lord's Committee of Privileges; with Decision of the House of Lords
   from the Notes of Mr. Gurney (London, 1829) - FHB - Earl of Roscommon in: Wikipedia

* HAMILTON, BELLEW: The Boyne Peerage Case
   concerning the legality of the marriages of Frederick Hamilton, 3rd Viscount Boyne; Pedigree of his Descendants by Bridget Mooney; Short Pedigree of the Lords Bellew of Duleek; Observations and Report of a Search in the Ulster's Office by George D. Burtchaell, M.R.I.A., Athlone Pursuivant of Arms
   By the Rev. Wm. Ball Wright, M.A. (York, 1912) - FHB - Reprinted in: 'The Genealogical Magazine'

* HOPKINS, GOWAN: Interesting Trial. Hopkins against Gowan

   Wexford Spring Assizes March 1827
   Hon. Judge Burton, and a Special Jury (Dublin, Kingston Upper Canada, Toronto, 1837) - OL

* LONGFORD, PURDON: A Man of Many Wills

   Lord Longford v. Mr. Wellington Purdon relating to the wills and estate of Adolphus Cooke at Cookesborough, Co. Westmeath; extract from 'Famous Irish Trials'
   By M. McDonnell Bodkin, K.C. (Dublin, London, 1918) - OL

* O'BRIEN: Case of Rt. Hon. Lucius, Lord Inchiquin on his Claiming the Right to Vote at the Election of Representative Peers for Ireland

   House of Lords
   Edward Walmisley, Solicitor and Parliamentary Agent (London, 1861) - GB

* REID: Trinity College, Dublin v. The Attorney-General and Others

   relating to the will of Richard Touhill Reid, Barrister-at-Law, formerly of Killarney and afterwards at Bombay in the East Indies who d. Rome 11 Feb 1883, his sister, Hannah Reid having predeceased him 9 Feb 1883; he left a bequest to 'The Board of Trinity College'  - the plaintiffs stating that 'there is no such body'.
   Pub. by Trinity College (Dublin, 1898) - IA - Reid Entrance Exhibition in: TCD websiteReid Professor of Penal Legislation, Constitutional and Criminal Law, and the Law of Evidence in: 1966 Consolidated Statues - TCD website

Reports of Cases in The Ecclesiastical Court  and The Court of Prerogative in Ireland

   and in the Consistory Court of Dublin during the time of Hon. John Radcliffe, LL.D.; cases mostly relate to disputed wills and divorce; some pages illegible
   By C. R. Milward, Esq. (Dublin, 1847) - OL

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   The case of John Atherton, Bishop of Waterford in Ireland who was convicted of Beastiality with a COW and other CREATURES, for which he was hang'd at Dublin...
   By N. Bernard, Dean of Ardagh at the Command of the Primate of Ireland (James Usher) (Dublin, Reprinted London, 1754) - OL

* The Bermondsey Murder

   A Full Report of the Trial of Frederick George Manning and Maria Manning for the Murder of Patrick O'Connor, late of Templemore, Co. Tipperary
   Clark's Edition (London, 1849) - IA

* BOYD, CAMPBELL: The Trial of Major Campbell for the Murder of Captain Boyd

   in a Duel.. Armagh Assizes. Details of Major Campbell's last moments, execution...
   By Henry Alexander Campbell, Ireland Commission of Oyer and Terrminer (London, 1808) - OL

* BROWNE v. BLAKE: Irish Gallantry! Fairburn's Edition of the Unprecedented Trial

   between Mark Browne, Esq. Plaintiff and Martin Joseph Blake, Esq. Defendant, for Adultery
   Taken in Short Hand by T. Finnerty, Esq., Dublin (London, 1817) - BSL

* CAREW v. BURRELL: Report of the Trial of the cause Carew against Burrell, Bt. and Another - Executors of the Late Earl of Egremont

   John Edward Carew, Sculptor, b. Tramore, Co. Waterford, claimed he was owed £30,000; later produced a statue of Henry Grattan for St. Stephen's Hall, Palace of Westminster and bronze relief for pedestal of Nelson's Column
   Taken in Short Hand by Mr. Cooke (London, 1840) - IA

* CASEMENT: Trial of Sir Roger Casement
   for High Treason
   Edited by George H. Knott, M.A.(Edin.), Barrister-at-Law (Toronto, 1917) - OL - Sir Roger Casement in: Find A GraveIrish Graves - Wikipedia


   - The Queen at the Prosecution of Patten Smith Bridge against John Sarsfield Casey
     on a Criminal Information; With Judgments of the Judges
   - Full and Revised Report of the Eight Days' Trial
     Published by The Central Tenants' Defence Committee (Dublin, 1877) - OL

* A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason - Vol I - 
Vol II - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V - Vol VI

   and other Crimes and Misdeanours; from The Reign of King Richard II to The Reign of King George II; with Alphabetical Table of the Names of Persons tried or proceeded against
   By Sollom Emlyn (3rd ed. London, 1742) - OL

* CRAIG v. EARL OF ANGLESEY: The Trial at Bar

   between Campbell Craig, Lessee of James Annesley, Esq; Plaintiff, and the Right Honourable Richard Earl of Anglesey, Defendant
   Printed for R. Walker (London, 1744) - IA

* CREIGHTON v, PORTER: The Right Hon. The Earl of Erne Plaintiff: John Grey Vesey Porter, Esq., Defendant

   An Action for Libel
   By an eminent short-hand writer (Dublin, 1859) - IA

     ...the Irish Revolutionary Movement, and...the crime in the Carlson Cottage. An account of the trial
     By John T. McEnnis (Chicago, 1889) - OL
     By one of America's most famous detectives (Chicago, 1889) - OL

* Custodiam Reports; or, a Collection of Cases Relative to Outlawries and Grants Thereon
   As argued and determined on the Revenue Sides of the Courts of Exchequer...
   By John Conroy, Esq., Barrister at Law (Dublin, 1795) - IA

* DOYLE v. BROWN: Report of the Trial of George Peter Brown, Esq.

   for criminal conversation with the wife of of Sir John M. Doyle, K.C.B. & K.T.S.; Damages were laid at £30,000
   Taken in short hand by an eminent reporter (Dublin 1820) - OL

* Famous Irish Trials

   - A Man of Many Wills: Lord Longford (Thomas? Pakenham) v. Mr. Wellington Purdon (on appeal)
   - 'A Revolution': The Galway Election Petition, 1872 to displace Captain John Philip Nolan (tenants' candidate) with Captain William le Poer Trench (landlords' candidate)
   - The Yelverton Case: Mr. Thurwall v. Major Yelverton to recover cost of goods and services supplied to Theresa Longworth
   - The Manchester Martyrs: Q. v. William Allen, Michael Larkin, Michael O'Brien, Thomas Maguire, Edward O'Meagher Condon, for murder
   - The Ireland's Eye Tragedy: Q. v. William Burke Kirwan for murder of his wife Sarah Maria Louise Kirwan
   - The Father of the Land League: Q. v. Michael Davitt, James Boyce Killeen, James Daly for sedition
   - An Unparalleled Murder: Q v. District Inspector T. H. Montgomery for murder of William Glass, bank cashier
   - 'Impoverishing the Landlords': Q. v. Leaders of the Land League - Charles Stewart Parnell, John Dillon, Joseph Gillis Biggar, Timothy Daniel Sullivan, Thomas Sexton, Patrick Egan, Thomas Brennan, Michael M. O'Sullivan, Michael P Boyton, Patrick Joseph Sheridan, Patrick Joseph Gordon, Matthew Harris, John D. Walsh, John W. Nally
   - Elequence Rewarded: Peter Blake (R.N. retired) v. Mrs. Mary Wilkins (widow)
   - The Foregeries Commission: inquiry into the letters forged by Richard Pigott implicating Charles Stewart Parnell
   By M. McDonnell Bodkin, K.C. (Dublin, London, 1918) - OL

* FITZGERALD, BRECKNOCK, FULTON: The Trials of George Robert Fitzgerald, Esq, Timothy Brecknock, James Fulton and Others
   for the Murder of Patrick Randal MacDonnell and Charles Hipson...
   Dedicated to William Garrow by Geo. Jos. Browne (1786) - IA

* Four Land Cases
   Reprinted from The Irish Reports, at the request of the Irish Land Commisssion
   - The Queen (Earl of Gosford) v. The Irish Land Commission
   - Ripley, Tenant; Macnaghten, Landlord
   - Earl of Gosford, Landlord; Blair, Tenant
   - Adams, Tenant; Dunseath, Landlord
   Edited by William Green, Barrister-at-Law (Dublin, 1900) - OL

A General History of the Lives, Trials and Executions of all the Royal and Noble Personages - Vol I - 
Vol II
   that have suffered in Great-Britain and Ireland for HIGH TREASON, or other CRIMES
   By Delahay Gordon, Esq. (London, 1760) - IA


   - Report of the Trials of Messrs. H. and M. Hanbridge, W. Graham, George Graham, J. Forbes and W. Brownlow (The Orangemen)
     for an alleged conspiracy against His Excellency, the Marquis Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, etc. ...and a Riot in the Theatre-Royal
     Taken in Short-Hand, by an Eminent Reporter (Dublin, 1823) - OL
   - A Report of the Trial of James Forbes, etc. for a Conspiracy to create a riot ...
     and assault His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant in the Theatre Royal and also for a riot
     By Richard Wilson Greene, Esq. (Dublin, 1823) - OL

   Inquiry into the Truth of the Accusations made against the Marquis of Clanricarde
   Ulick John De Burgh
   Pub. by W. H. Dalton (1855) - OL

* HERON v. TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN: Report of the case of Denis Caulfield Heron against Trinity College Dublin
   argued before the Primate of All Ireland and the Archbishop of Dublin - whether Roman Catholic students are eligible to Scholarships
   By John Francis Waller, Esq. (Dublin, 1846) - IA

* HEVEY, SIRR: Trial by Nisi Prius ...wherein Mr. John Hevey was Plaintiff and Charles Henry Sirr, Esq. was Defendant
   on an action for an Assault and False Imprisionment
   Printed by John Stockdale (Dublin, 1802) - OL

   By Robert Curtis, County Inspector, R.I.C. (Dublin, 1871)

Ireland Under The Land Act

   Letters contributed to the 'Standard' Newspaper; with an appendix of leading cases under the Act, giving the evidence in full, judicial dicta, etc.
   By E. Cant-Wall (London, 1882) - eBR

* Ireland under Ordinary Law - A Record of the Agrarian Crimes and Offences

   reported in the Dublin Daily Press Oct 1886 - Mar 1887
   By the Irish Loyal and Patriotic Union (Dublin, London, Edinburgh, 1887?) - OL

The Irish Church Acts, 1869 and 1872

   and Various Statutes Connected Therewith; Together with Reports of Leading Cases decided under the Irish Church Acts
   By William Leigh Bernard, Esq. (Dublin, 1876) - OL

* JOHNSON: The Case of the Honorable Mr. Justice Johnson

   A Full and Faithful Report of the Proceedings in His Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland; Extradition from Ireland to England to answer a charge of Libel; Habeas Corpus
   By John Swift Emerson (Dublin, 1805) - OL

* KEARNEY, ROCHE, KIRWAN, BYRNE, BEGG, CLARE, ROURKE: A Report of the Proceedings in the Cases of High Treason - Vol I

   By William Ridgeway, Esq. (Dublin, 1803) - OL

* Kilmainham Memories
   The Story of the Greatest Political Crime of the Century
   By Tighe Hopkins (London, 1896) - OL

* KIRWAN, SHERIDAN: A Report of the Proceedings in the Cases of Thomas Kirwan, Merchant, and Edward Sheridan, M.D.

   Charged to be committed in violation of The Convention Act
   By William Ridgeway, Esq. (Dublin, 1811) - OL

* The Law relating to Protestant Curates
   and the Residence of Incumbents on their Benefices in England and Ireland
   By C. D. Field, M.A., LL.D. (London, Dublin, 1870) - GB

* Liberty Order and Law under Native Irish Rule

   A Study in the Book of the Ancient Laws of Ireland
   By Sophie Bryant, D.Sc., Litt.D. (London, 1923) - OL

The Lives and Trials of Archibald Hamilton Rowan, The Rev William Jackson, The Defenders, William Orr, Peter Finnerty
   and other Eminent Irishmen
   by Thomas Mac Nevin, Esq., Barister at Law (Dublin, 1846) - IA

* MAGEE, LENNOX: The Trial of John Magee, Proprietor of the Dublin Evening Post

   for publishing an Historical Review of the Duke of Richmond's [Charles Lennox] Administration in Ireland
   Printed by John Magee (Dublin, 1813) - OL

* MASSY, TAYLOR: Report of the Trial on an action for damages brought by the Reverend Charles Massy against the Most Noble The Marquis of Headfort
   for Criminal Conversation with the Plaintiff's Wife. Damages Laid at £.40,000
   Taken in Short-Hand by an eminent Barrister (Dublin, 1804) - IA

* MATHEW v. HARTY and STOKES: Authentic Report of the Most Important and Interesting Trial

   'Stranger than fiction' - an aged gentleman, whose character as a medical practitioner stands high in our city...admits that the young man, whom he had imprisoned in a lunatic asylum, was his illegitimate son...
   By S. N. Elrington, Jun., Esq.; W. P. Carr, Esq. (Dublin, 1852) - OL

* MITCHEL: Jail Journal

   With an Introductory Narrative of Transactions in Ireland
   By John Mitchel, Prisoner in the Hands of the English (Original Edition, Dublin, 1918) - OL

* O'CONNOR: The Irish Patriot! Fairburn's Edition of the Whole Proceedings on the Trial of Roger O'Connor, Esq.

   on a charge of Robbing the Galway Mail Coach in 1812
   Published by John Fairburn (London, 1817) - BSL

* O'KEEFFE, CULLEN: Report of the Action for Libel brought by the Rev. Robert O'Keeffe, P.P. against His Eminence Cardinal Cullen
   Court of Queen's Bench (Ireland) (Dublin, 1874) - OL

* O'MULLAN v. M'KORKILL: Speech of Charles Phillips, Esq. at Galway

   embracing amongst other topics, Education, the Liberty of the Press and Toleration; with a correct copy of the Celebrated Toast 'To the Memory of King William'
   Printed for W. Hone (London, 1816) - OL

* O'SHEA, PARNELL: The O'Shea-Parnell Divorce Case

   Full and Complete Proceedings
   By Unknown author (Boston, 19th century) - OL


   - The Parnell Movement
     with A Full Account of the Great Trial Instigated by the London "Times"
     By T. P. O'Connor, M.P. (New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, 1889) - OL
   - The Parnell Commission - The Opening Speech for the Defence
     Delivered by Sir Charles Russell, Q.C., M.P. (London, 1889) - OL

* The Power of Judges to Punish for Contempt of Court

   As exemplified by the Case of The High Sheriff of Dublin, 1882
   Prepared by the [Edmund Dwyer] Gray Indemnity Committee (Dublin, 1882)


   By John Simpson Armstrong and Edward Shirley Trevor, Esqrs. (Dublin, 1844) - OL


   - Report of two cases upon the Marriage Law of Ireland
     By Hamilton Smythe, Esq., LL.B. and Richard Bourke, Esq. (Dublin, London, 1842) - OL
   - Report of the the cases of Regina v. Millis and Regina v. Carroll (1842)
     By Edward Spencer Dix, Esq. (Dublin, 1842)

* Reports of Cases in the Court of Exchequer 1841 - 1842

   By Robert Longfield, Esq., John Fitzhenry Townsend, Esq. (Dublin, 1843) - IA

Reports of Cases decided by The Irish Land Commission - Part I to Part VI 1881 - 1882 - Part VI?

   including Digest of Cases
   Reported by Luke Dillon and Daniel Kehoe, Esquires, Barristers-at-Law (Dublin, 1882) - IA, OL

A Report of Trials under a Special Commission for the County of Clare

   Held at Ennis, January, 1848
   By John Simpson Armstrong (Dublin, 1848?) - OL

* ROWAN: Report of the Trial of Archibald Hamilton Rown, Esq. ... for the Distribution of a Libel

   Re-printed by Tiebout and O'Brien (Dublin, 1794) - OL

* SLAVIN: The Beaver Lake Tragedy
   The Whole Proceedings in the above Extraordinary Crimes with a Careful Report of the Trial. Conviction and Sentence of the Accused (Hugh Breen, Patrick Slavin, Sr., born in Ireland, Patrick Slavin, Jr.)
   Published for B. O'Brien, St. John, N.B. (New York, 1857) - OL

* Speeches from the Dock
   or, Protests of Irish Patriotism
   By T. D. Sullivan, A.M. Sullivan, D.B. Sullivan (New York, 1904) - OL - A. M. Sullivan in: Irish Graves - WikipediaT. D. Sullivan in: Irish Graves - Wikipedia

* SUITER: A Full Account of the Trial of James Suiter, Sen., William Suiter, Jun., and James Suiter, Jun. for the Murder of Living Lane
   natives of Ireland from Gartenamoyagh, Garragh, Coleraine
   By Unknown author (Quebec, 1834) - OL

* SULLIVAN, PIGOTT: Report of the Trials of Alexander M. Sullivan and Richard Pigott

   for Seditious Libels on the Government
   Ed. by T. Packenham Law, Esq. (Dublin, 1868) - OL - Alexander Martin Sullivan (1830 - 1884) in: WikipediaRichard Pigott in: Wikipedia


  - Talbot v Talbot
    Divorce proceedings of Mary Anne Talbot and John Talbot
     A Report of the Speech of Wm. Keogh, Esq., M.P. (1855) - IA
   - A letter to His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland on the Judgment
     of the High Court of Delegates in the case of Talbot v. Talbot
     By Thomas Tertius Paget, Esq. (London, 1856) - OL

Trials of the Fenian Prisoners at Toronto

   who were Captured at Fort Erie, Canada West, in June 1866
   By George R. Gregg and E. P. Roden (Toronton, 1867) - IA - See also Military - Fenian Raids into Canada

* WARREN: Report of the Trial of John Warren for Treason-Felony

     at the County Dublin Commission
     Reported for the Crown by William G. Chamney, Esq. (Dublin, 1867) IA

* WENTWORTH, EARL OF STRAFFORD: Stafford and Ireland - Vol I - Vol II
   The History of His Vice-Royalty, with an Account of His Trial
   By Hugh O'Grady, Litt.D. (Dublin, 1923) - OL

* WHELAN: The Queen vs. Patrick James Whelan
   In the Court of Error and Appeal; for the assassination of Thomas D'Arcy Magee, journalist and politician; Whelan b. Dublin, emigrated to Canada abt. 1865; controversial case; last public hanging in Canada - 5,000 spectators 
   By Unknown author (Toronto, 1868) - OL

* WILDE: The Trial of Oscar Wilde

   By Unknown author (for Private Circulation Only, 50 copies on Japanese Vellum, 500 copies on Handmade Paper (No. 184), Paris, 1906) - OL

The inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's "Kidnapped"

   argued and determined in the courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchequer, Exchequer Chamber, and Court of Criminal Appeal
   By Various authors (Dublin, 1863 - 1866) - IA

The Irish Jurist - Vol VII - Miscellaneous - 1854 - 1855
   Printed by Edward J. Milliken (Dublin, 1855) - IA
   Reports of Cases decided in Several Courts of Equity and Common Law, the Landed Estates Court, Court of Probate, Court of Bankruptcy and Insolvency and Court of Admiralty; with a Digest
   By William Woodlock, Esq., Barrister-at-Law (Dublin, 1864) - IA

Irish Land Acts: 190 Reports of Leading Cases
   Decided in The House of Lords, The Supreme Court of Judicature, etc.
   By Edward Greer (Dublin, 1897) - OL

   ...contains all the important Current Cases bearing on the relation of Landlord and Tenant, decided by the Superior Courts, the Chief Land Commission, the County Courts, or the Sub-Commission Courts
   Edited by Henry MacAulay Fitzgibbon, M.A. (Dublin, 1908) - IA

   Reported in the Irish Law Times Reports, Vols. V - XXVII and in the Irish Law Times and Solicitors' Journal Vols. I - XXVII
   Compiled by William Cotter Stubbs, M.A., T.C.D. (Dublin, 1895) - IA
   With a Digested Index
   Printed by John Falconer (Dublin, 1868 - 1882) - IA, GB

   argued and determined in the courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer of Pleas
   By Various authors (Dublin, 1839 - 1849) - IA, GB

   Registry Appeals in the Court of Exchequer Chamber and Appeals in the Court for Land Cases Reserved 1868 - 1876
   Published by Stevens and Haynes (London, 1876) - OL

   of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland...; decided by the Superior and other Courts
   Editor T. Henry Maxwell, M.A., LL.D. (Dublin, 1921) - OL

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CCL = Clare County Library (read online only)
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